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Vipassana Café - Peace & Mindful Community Area

Mindful Eating at Vipassana Café

Being present with what we do is one of the main keys to a happy life. In Buddhism this practice is called mindfulness. And although many of us know about this powerful secret we still keep doing things in a hurry with our minds being somewhere else - thinking about past events or planning and worrying about the future.

In our Vipassana Café we invite you to take a rest, to enjoy the beauty of nature and to practice mindful eating! Eat slow, eat as if it were a meditation! Mindful eating is incredibly important. The healthiest food does not nourish your body if you eat in a hurry, while you are angry or even while you are not hungry at all.

In our Vipassana Café we want to keep it simple but beautiful. We serve two meals only: the all-time favorite Pad Thai Noodles and the famous vegan spring rolls from Art Café. We cook everything fresh, using as many ingredients as possible from our own organic garden, just next to the café. You can actually see where the basil, the sprouts or the mint for our dishes is grown and picked!

In addition to our healthy meal choices you can enjoy some green smoothies, fresh juices, a coconut or a bottle of kombucha. The quality of the food is the same like in our well-known Art Café. We cook everything fresh and clean.

Community Library & Shop

Our community area beside the Yoga hall is the perfect place to connect with old and new friends, to stay together in the vibration of the shared practice or simply enjoy being in a beautiful place close to nature. For course and workshop participants and guests who are looking for some peace and quiet in a lush green nature setting Pranayama Garden is also offering seating space in a quiet zone.

With our passion for books we are hosting a little spiritual library with plenty of cosy corners to read or simply hang out. Here we can take a rest and integrate our experiences after the Yoga practice or come to study or work if we need a peaceful environment away from the streets and shops of sometimes busy Koh Phangan.

In our little Pranayama Garden Shop next to café and library you can find some little items to take home: incense, candle, coconot oil, soap and other natural products which you might know from Art Café already.

"With wise reflection, I eat this food
Not for play, nor for intoxication,
Not for fattening, not for beautification.

Only to maintain this body
To stay alive and healthy
To support the spiritual way of life.

Thus I let go of unpleasant feelings
And do not stir up new ones.
Thereby the process of life goes on
Blameless, at ease and in peace."