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พื้นที่สำหรับโยคะ และกิจกรรมอื่นๆ

Rent the Yoga Hall for your Workshop

If you are looking for a quiet space with a very special atmosphere in a natural setting to offer your workshop, event or teacher training - you have found it now!

Feel free to contact us to clarify your concept and requirements. We are happy to support you in your project and discuss the conditions.

Since Pranayama Yoga Hall is connected with the very successful and well-known Art Café we can also offer food for your full-day events. Breakfast, lunch dinner or snacks can be provided in buffet style, lovingly prepared and served by the experienced staff of health conscious Art Café. Within Paranayama Garden we have reserved a beautiful area in front of the hall and near the little garden creek, which we call "Vipassana Cafe". It is here where people can meet and connect before and after the events, but also retreat into the more secluded parts of the garden to internalize and digest the received teachings and sessions.

We are happy to also offer a 15% discount in our Art Café for participants of workshops, retreats or teacher trainings of a duration of 7 days or longer. Please be aware that our offer is subject to availability. For high season dates (December - February) we are booked quite some time in advance. So don't hesitate to contact us today with your questions!

About the Hall

The Yoga Hall in Pranayama Garden comes in a modern and highly functional design, effortlessly combining wooden and concrete elements with bamboo, all lovingly integrated in the stunning natural surroundings. The room itself is very spacious, easily fitting 30 students with their Yoga mats, even more in workshops or events which require cushion seating only.

The space is opening into a high ceiling leaving room to breathe and let go inside of the well-protected walls. Large garden and skylight windows connect the hall with nature, allowing natural light into the room while shading it from the intense tropical sun. Mosquito screens and nets in front of all windows and doors make it possible to enjoy relaxing classes and workshops at any given time of the day. Six silent fans on the ceiling provide a nice breeze during the warmer periods of the day.

Rent the Bamboo Hut for Massages and Workshops

In 2018 we built a small bamboo hut, which we offer to rent as well. You can use this space to run secluded workshops in the middle of beautiful nature. The hut is screened with nets against Mosquitos and the floor is covered with a carpet. Inside we have bamboo furniture (chairs and table), as well as mattresses and pillows to lay down.

Provided Equipment

Pranayama Yoga Hall is very well equipped with all the necessary ingredients for your event recipe. No need to worry about any props or tools you might need. The hall is 154m² in ground size (14m long, 11m width and 3.5m high), and we can provide you the following Yoga gears and equipment:

  • 30 Yoga mats
  • 40 foam blocks
  • 20 straps
  • 40 squared meditation pillows
  • 30 small meditation pillows
  • Stereo sound system
    (4 speakers in each corner)
  • 2 microphones