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Read about us and our Philosophy

About us

In 2016 Pi Pat and Shadoe - the owners of the Art Café - and her fearless team have created another spectacular spot on Koh Phangan island. Surrounded by nature, Pranayama Garden is inspired by the idea that happiness is more important to our well-being and busy-ness. Pranayama Garden aims to give all who visit a place for reflection, inquiry, and deep, relaxing breath.

The space consists of a Yoga hall that holds up to 30 students on mats, an outdoor, covered library with tables and cushions for gathering, an outdoor kitchen, and an organic garden. The Garden, which is visible from the library and Yoga hall, grows local fruits and veggies available to guests on a donation basis. Take what you need, and donate fair according to your capacity.

Living Principles

Our mission incorporates four principles: health, ecology, care and equality. We respect one another, the people in our community, our neighbors, and all sentient beings. We even show concern for the small bugs and animals in the garden. Keeping an organic garden that follows this mission, is a bit more difficult than one might imagine. In this tropical environment, many bugs want to eat our veggies! Rather than killing them or using pesticides, when we see a small bug on a plant, we clip the leaf and put it outside of the garden.

We are also maintaining compost piles where we put the leaves and natural debris falls from the trees on our property, as well as the food scraps from the Art Café. We are mixing the compost with soil, and produce enough organic compost to share with others. 

  • Health
  • Ecology
  • Care
  • Equality

We are supporting Trash-Hero

Bring your drinking bottle and use our water refill station!

Each pastic bottle which you avoid buying, helps to reduce the amount waste thrown into landfills (or floating into the ocean). Especially on islands like this, garbage is a huge problem, basicly everything you bring or buy stays here.

Trash-Hero is a private initiative mostly active in south-east Asia to raise awareness for one of the biggest problems at this time: plastic-waste. They founded several environmental projects, and one of it is to setup refill-stations for drinking water. You can read more on their website

We hope you will understand our intention to reduce plastic waste. Every single one of us can make a difference with our daily decicions, just by having the awareness in our mind! Please inform yourself about this worldwide issue and share the knowledge with others. Here we have some links for you to start with:

What you can do in everyday life

  • Never leave the house without your cotton bag on hand to be prepared for spontaneous shopping on-the-way (It's so small, you can always have it in your handbag or backpack).
  • If someone is giving you something made of plastic, ask yourself if it is nessecarry (e.g. "Do I really need a plastic bag for 1 Mango I just bought?", "Do I need 2 plastic spoons for the take-away food which I eat at home anyway?", ...)
  • Reuse as much as possible. Therefore buy quality, because quality things usually having a much longer lifetime than cheap stuff from the 1-Dollar store.
  • ... What is your experience? Send us your daily-habbit to extend this listing.
"We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world"

Buddha Siddhartha Gautama